Manufacturing in China: Why do you need In-Process Quality Control?

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Why do you need In-Process Quality Control? While the price is still the largest factor in attracting global buyers, quality is now considered equally important with the growth of consumers’ demands. If the quality doesn’t live up to the standards, customers won’t return and the brand might risk tarnishing its reputation. The ideal situation, of […]

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Must Known Facts about Product Sourcing from China: China’s Industrial Clusters

When someone asks me what should I learn first about sourcing from China, I always say you should get to know China’s industrial clusters, one of the typical advantages of manufacturing in China. WHAT IS INDUSTRIAL CLUSTERS? Industrial clustering is the phenomenon where firms from the same industry gather together in close proximity. Here, the […]

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Reborn from Coronavirus: why China’s manufacturing CANNOT be replaced?

Chinese manufacturing has been affected by the recent Coronavirus incident and the US-China Trade War earlier. As a result, trends have raised questions about whether China’s ascent as a manufacturing superpower has hit a plateau. Some companies, including world’s top bicycle maker, has announced that they were shifting production for US-bound orders out of China. […]

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Why do you need a Chinese sourcing agent?

The most frequent question, and perhaps the most important one, might be “Why do I need a local sourcing agent?”. Today in this blog, I will illustrate it with four essential things that only a Chinese sourcing agent can help you achieve. GET MOST ACQUAINTED WITH YOUR SUPPLIERS Although you think you know your suppliers […]

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