Our key focus is to ensure that the sourcing process, manufacturing, and delivery of the goods are professionally facilitated to your expectation. All this with the right price, quality and lead time.

Basic Services



✔ Project Planification
✔ Supplier Prospection
✔ Quotation and Sampling
✔ Customizing Solutions
✔ Legal Documentation



✔ Production Supervision
✔ Project Real-time Updates
✔ Quality Control
✔ Issue Management
✔ Product Inspection



✔ Consolidating Warehouses
✔ Multiple Shipping Options
✔ Shipment Follow-up
✔ Aftersales Issue Follow-up
✔ Reorder Arrangement



✔ New Product Development
✔ Product Photos/videos
✔ Graphic Design
✔ Amazon Product Listing
✔ Lab Tests/Certificates

Sourcing Study

Sourcing is never just an action of buying, but to find reliable and suitable suppliers with a foresight of a long-term relationship. Sourcing is not either something one can apply a fixed mechanism to, as each market, each project/product combination, each brand has its requirements and needs tailored solutions. Therefore, you might want to ease your burden by entrusting experts in TEPRIC with our sourcing study before orders. After identifying your project condition and sourcing requirements, our local purchasing team, coordinated by your project manager and client director, conducts a sourcing study in order to select the best effective solution to source the products you need.

Based on an initial research upon your requirement, we will suggest possible difficulties and an end-to-end sourcing planification.

We will select 5-8 suppliers base on your preferred criteria of suppliers for further prospection. A report of suppliers’ information will be provided.

We will provide you with a summarized quotation spreadsheet with all the information needed in purchase orders.

We will conduct some initial tests base on your requirements and evaluate before shipping to you.

We will collect samples from different suppliers and consolidate them into a compact package to lower freight and shipping risks.

Base on your customizing ideas, we will suggest solutions for you and negotiate with related suppliers to make feasible plans.

We will assist negotiate the price to bottom line and optimize terms such as lower down-payment, shorter lead time, so forth.

We will provide Chinese legal support(NDA/NNN, purchase order, three-party agreement, etc.) to make sure that all requirements are understood and accepted by all parties.


Order Management

Our purchasing team handles all the order management in China and follow up tasks with the factories and other associate parties. Instead of passively following the pace of suppliers, you can foresee the possible issues and overview the whole process while your TEPRIC purchasing team supervises and manage orders on your behalf. Based on our experience and knowledge, we can assist you in each specific case: developing new products, finishing quality, product range, material quality, expected delivery time, product certifications, price range, etc.

We assist you to follow up production in different aspects: risk prevention and issue management, timeline management and timely notifications.

You can choose your preferred tool (Asana, Google Drive, etc.) to align with TEPRIC to follow status and schedules while your TEPRIC client director remains available for any questions.

We will keep up with production status and quality issues. Site or live video IPQC(In-process Quality Control) will also be conducted.

Based on your requirements, our inspector will conduct an inspection in the factory base on AQL Level II before shipment with a full PDF report.

If there are issues during production, we locate the right person in the plant and negotiate directly for reworks.

We provide you with the most professional bundling & packing solution based on your requirements, with a feasible plan and the right persons to execute.

Through site visit or live video call, we assist you in the verification of the packing, random pick up of cartons for visual product check, verification of quantities loaded in the container or picked up and provide images or videos.

Shipping Arrangement

From the shipping set up to the delivery at your destination, our team supports you with smooth operation. We take care of all the paperwork and communication with different parties during the whole process. We will provide you with ETD and ETA date and keep you notified in time if any changes.

We assist you to consolidate the goods from different suppliers in our transit warehouse. We can also store your goods and ship them separately at different times and/or places.

We will provide multiple shipping options and assist you to choose the best option according to a wide array of conditions: the incoterms, your desired schedule, your budget, the merchandise volume, etc.

We follow up shipment with exporting documentation, reminders before ETD and ETA at the destination, advanced warnings when shipping companies change dates.

We provide you with notifications before delivery at the destination, preparation of necessary documentation for customs, confirmation of delivery and issue management.


Aftersales Support

Our service starts when you order the package and continues after you receive the goods. We provide aftersales support to protect your interests from the beginning to the next order.

Based on the contracts signed with suppliers, our team remains at your disposal to take care of any after sales issues to claim your interest.

We provide you with a smooth reorder arrangement with the selected supplier upon your improvement request.

Discover More

Our Value-added Services

Provide SolidWorks designs to turn your ideas into a 3D-Model/Technical Drawing.

Provide product photos/videos shooting and editing/optimizing at your request.

Provide design in different formats for brand logo, graphics on packaging or products, etc.

Provide listing creation and design for E-Commerce or other marketing material.

Provide international authorized lab tests or certificates for products under your brand/company.

Provide pre-research and meeting set-up before your visit to China, interpreting service, transportation and accommodation arrangement.

Provide virtual tour to trade towns (Yiwu International Trading Town, Chenghai Toy Industrial Cluster, etc.) and trade shows (Canton Fair, HK MEGA Show, etc.) on your behalf to acquire contact info and product catalogs from manufacturers.

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